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It was like Christmas except at work and instead of presents it was cool Nintendo stuff.

Today I was at work at Gamestop when the represenitive from Nintendo walked through the door.

What a rep from a company does is drives around to all the stores that are registered dealers of the product their company sells, updates a few promotional logs, changes the games in the kiosks, cleans them, discusses sales with the manager or head of the establishment, and puts up posters here and there or a new sign for the window or something. They also give the employees cool promotional stuff, like today I got a Mario Kart DS Keychain, a Mario Power Tennis wristband, and a new nametag that looks like a Gameboy Micro.

The Nintendo corporate website describes the duties for the position as follows:

* Complete store calls at 43 accounts
* Drive 1700 miles per month
* Reset product displays, using planograms
* Clean and repair displays
* Provide product education to store personnel
* Complete reports and transmit data via hand-held computer
* Maintain display parts and P.O.P. inventory
* Perform basic repair of electronic components

And the qualifications...

* 1-2 years of experience working in a retail environment
* High school diploma or equivalent
* Valid driver's license and good driving record
* Proof of vehicle ownership and auto insurance in your name
* Sufficient storage space in residence for POP materials
* Extensive or overnight travel is required for certain territories
* Ability to utilize cleaning agents in accordance with hazardous materials handling procedures
* Computer proficiency in MS Word and Windows
* Strong time management skills
* Ability to lift 30 lbs and work at various heights
* Access to a telephone land line at your residence
* Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
* Authorization to work in the United States

I'd love waking up every morning if I had this job. I think, in my opinion, that I fit almost all of these qualifications (with the strong exception of any kind of 'good driving record'). The only problem is the availibility of this job. The only opening right now is in Portland, Maine. Maybe I'll just move there or something (har har har). I could definetly take some marketing classes or something as well to boost my chances once something opens up closer. But even if it wasn't Nintendo, being a retail rep for a living would be sweet.
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