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Allison came back today and I love her. I could write a book on her but I'll spare you.

Hey remember how I said I would miss Converge? I did not.

If you have never seen Converge live, go. NOW.

Of course during the entire show I was in back standing on a chair, as there were kids about 7 times my size being launched like rockets across the room, and I am a big blubbering vagina to paraphrase Maddox. Although I was not 'part of the action' I saw EVERYTHING. The only safe place to stand away from the mosh pit was IN THE DOORWAY. Kids were doing front flips off of the PA speakers and stage at about 5 every thirty seconds. Sometimes two at a time. Some kid did a cartwheel from one end of the room to the other without being hit, which is very impressive. I found myself yelling out 'HOLY SHIT!' out loud in a crowd of strangers after seeing some of the mass-mosh-acrobatic feats. Before the breakdown in The Saddest Day, Jake Bannon (the vocalist) said 'Show me what you got!', the next thing I felt was the floor shaking from about 60 people stomping the floor at once. When it went back into the heavy/fast part, I seriously thought someone was going to die. I had never seen so many people going completely fucking nuts at one time. It was like an endless sea of violently swinging fists, feet, and bodies. This made the pit for Slayer look like a middle school dance. Bannon was COMPLETELY drenched in sweat from jumping around/screaming by about the second song (which i believe was Downpour). Not to mention that during every chorus of every song about 35-40 kids (no joke at all) would rush the stage to grab the mic from him and all of them would jump back into the pit by multitudes. Even though I was still in the VERY VERY back standing on a chair, there were times that the pit got so big that I had people leaning on me. The only bad part were the 600 pound 8 foot tall guys 'moshing' which just involved running into people on the sides and waving their arms, then hugging and high fiving eachother. 'Woo I hit a girl in the face! Yeah!' Seriously, if you are over 300 pounds and moshing or even THINKING about stage diving, you should be shot. But even that didnt ruin anything. Afterwards when everyone walked outside, I shook Bannon's hand and he thanked me for coming. It was the most perfect and best show I have ever been to and I do not think that any show will ever come close to it.

Here are some really good pictures of it from ReturnToThePit. You can see Tim in alot of them. It's too dark to see me in the back so dont bother looking.

Tim, Spence, Sam - Thanks for taking me and being awesome concert-mates.

As a matter of fact, because it's 4 in the morning, I can't sleep, and I'm bored, I'm going to make a top 5 list of the best live bands I've seen.
1. Converge
2. Blood Brothers
3. My Chemical Romance/Slayer (tie)
4. Alkaline Trio
5. Darkest Hour

As for the show on Saturday, You better fucking be there. 7 bucks, 6 pm, 9 bands, Exeter Town Hall. It's us (Lead Pipe), Ricker and The Sexecutioners, Skamasutra, and etcetcetc othercrappybandsthatdontreallymatter. Tell your friends, tell your grandma, tell that creepy guy that walks around Exeter with a boombox all the time. We are going to paint that fucking place with the blood of nu-metal kids and hippies.
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