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1)Who are you?

2)Where were you born?

3)Where do you live now?

4)Where would you rather be?

5)What does your room look like?

6)Who are you in love with?

7)Who is your best girl friend?

8)Who is your best guy friend?

9)Who do you miss and not hang out with enough?

10)What is your favorite band?

11)What is your favorite movie?

12)What makes you happy?

13)What is your favorite sport?

14)What is your favorite pair of shoes?

15)Do you prefer cds or the radio?

16)Do you have any bad habits?

17)What is your favorite drink?

18)Do you like anyone?

19)What do you have stuck in your head?

20)What do you believe in?

21)What is your favorite smell?

22)What is your favorite fruit?

23)What are your plans for the future?

24)What or who are you thinking about right now?

25)Who is your hero?

26)What is the last movie you watched?


27)What is your favorite food?

28)What was your favorite show growing up?

29)What are your parents like?

30)What's something people don't know about you?

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